I found myself thinking about that because there are two of my dearest Parisian friends who came here for the weekend. For their first evening here I thought of a girls night-out with the company of some of my girl-friends. The problem when you organize something like this is how not to lapse into that circus made of screams and shrieks and flirting with random people. Since it’s 2014, but we are not at a bachelorette party in Kansas City, I thought of a few rules to keep in mind in order to avoid social disasters.

1.Don’t dress like you are all desperatly looking for a flirt. The “group of strippers” effect is behind the corner.
2.Drink with class. No flaming shots in college bars, for example.
3.Don’t fraternize with drunken Brits, it always ends badly.
4.Say NO to glitters, see point 1.
5.The first one that screams like a chicken for the arrival of the third bottle of champagne is exempt.
(For the rest, (almost) everything is allowed).


Illustration, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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