There are beauties that are so deep and full in details that can be understood only by a few. When I work with wonderful friends rather than professional models, I enjoy it much more. Because they understand immediately my directions, they know how to unbotton themselves and have a kind of intensity that is rare to find elsewhere. Working at these shots with Chiara and Cinzia (the photographer) has been beautiful. The original idea was to descrive in pictures the time of returning home after a night out, because for me it is a very magic moment. When you come back home  conclusions are drawn, it reacts to the outside world, you let out the tension and you bring back the feeling of the night. During the shooting, we immediately understand even though we had never worked together before and the result was even above my expectations.

(Click on the miniatures to open the gallery)

Styling and concept by me
Ph. Cinzia Filomena
Model Chiara Vitale

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