“This is a stick-up, stick-up (I need them bags and the money…)
We’re gonna stick-up, stick-up (You see them ask, “Where that money?”)
All my ladies get it up, I see you, I do the same;
Take it to another level, no passengers on my plane…” says Beyoncé.
Well, being a diva is not always a question of money and fame, for some of us is more like a way of being and acting. Just to be clear, I don’t like the arrogant, bad-mannered and inelegant way some wannabe-divas adopt to make people think they are important. I rather take inspiration from Grace Kelly than Kim Kardashian, that’s the point. But we all need a dose of mysterious and chic allure now and again, isn’t it?
So, here’s what I think must be in every diva kit:

A black fedora to give your look a huge dose of mystery Maison Michel
A warm cashemere wrap to stay hidden Madeleine Thompson
An it bag to store all your precious stuff Nina Ricci
A cardholder for your crazy shopping getaways Saint Laurent
A pair of cat eye sunglasses, the ultimate diva accessory Thierry Lasry
A Sleep Plus spray for looking great even after an after-after party (when a Deep Sleep spray is not enough) This Works
A pair of must-have sneakers Isabel Marant

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