I should have been there, in Paris, to see the latest creations of that elegant genius of Raf Simons live, but other work commitments prevented me from attending the first haute-couture Christian Dior fashion show of my life. Too bad, it will be for the next season. However, I could not help but follow step by step the show and fall in love, look after look, with this collection that is so deliciously springy and sparkling.
Here are 15 things that I really adored about the show:

1. The combination of applications, floral decorations and glitter that imprint on fabric the purest idea of spring
2. The ability of Raf Simons to innovate the brand in every collection, without forgetting the true identity of the maison
3. The delicate and intricate decor that turned the Musée Rodin in a timeless location
4. The ethereal make-up
5. The clean and original hairstyling
6. The contrast between pvc, lace and silk
7. The soft pink carpet that I would love to have in walk-in my closet
8. The futuristic touches à la David Bowie
9. The striped sequined jumpsuits
10. The wide skirts paired with boots
11. The rainbow palette that does not forget even a shade
12. Diamonds in heels
13. The coats worn as mini dresses
14. The precious trenches
15. Raf Simons who takes a call in a very rock star style

Ph courtesy, Christian Dior


(Click on the miniatures to open the gallery)

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