I found this easy and delicious recipe in an old book I bought last week and I experimented it some days ago.
That’s what you’ll need.

– The orange rinds of 5 organic oranges
– White sugar
– Water

Clean out the rinds and remove the soft parts of the orange. Then put the rinds in a ample bowl full of fresh water for two days and change it at least two times per day. Cut the orange rinds in little strips and wash them again. Fill a pan with water and when it boils put the rinds inside and let them in for 15 minutes. Than drain the orange rinds, wait some minutes until they are lukewarm, then ring them out and conserve the water that comes from the squeezing. Weigh the rinds and use the same amount of sugar to caramelize them. Put the rinds in a dry pan then add the sugar and the water you obtained from squeezing. Let the rinds absorb the sugar without stopping to blend. Once the rinds have absorbed all the sugar, let them cool down on a dish covered in sugar. Put your candied orange rinds in a glass pot and consume them in two weeks.

Ph. Sara Ottavia Carolei

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