The mania of cutting pants that I don’t wear no more and transform them into shorts never ended and honestly I do not see why it should.I have a huge collection of shorts, and only very few of them have been created like that, most were old jeans that passed through my hands armed with scissors.
A few days ago I was rearranging my closet, when I found a pair of Gianfranco Ferré trousers I didn’t remember I had. The color and the fabric were amazing, but the cut wasn’t quite right for my body. Why not to cut them too and make them one of the key pieces of my summer wardrobe? So, very soon after that, I found myself with yardstick, pins and scissors in my hands.
Here is the result, and I have to say I find it pretty satisfying.
What do you think?

Ph. Sara Ottavia Carolei

4 risposte a "Old pants, new pants"

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