A body scrub is something more than essential in a girl beauty kit. I tried many different brands but none was as nearly good as a homemade scrub. Doing a great handmade scrub can take some time, but the result can be really satisfying, not to mention definitely cheaper.

Here’s what you need:

-300 gr. of brown tiny sugar
-3/4 tea spoons of honey
-2/3 tea spoons of almond or coconut oil
-3 vanilla sticks (I wanted my body scrub to smell like vanilla, but you can use cinnamon or essential oils with your favorite scent instead)
-a transparent pot

1. Put the brown sugar in a open pot, then put the vanilla sticks in and let it stand for 2/3 weeks to let the sugar take all the vanilla aroma.
2. Remove the vanilla sticks, add the almond or coconut oil and blend until the consistency is creamy.
3. Add 3 up to 4 tea spoons of honey to make the body scrub easier to apply and the mixture easier to handle.
4. Put the moisture in a transparent pot.
5. Create a nice label.

Ph Sara Ottavia Carolei

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