We grew up following style precepts that our mothers, grandmothers and Vogue taught us but some of them always looked nonsensical to me. Of course I don’t mean to destroy years of fundamental rules, I just want to experiment a little breaking some of the style rules I’ve never understood.

1. Don’t wear blue and black together. WHAT? Deep black and deep blue look wonderful together. Especially in the cold season and especially with high-quality fabrics.
2. Always match your bag with your shoes. WHAT? Wearing fuchsia shoes with a a fuchsia clutch does seem a good idea to you? Well, not to me. Free your fantasy, just avoid trashy combinations of patterns or fabrics.
3. Day dresses for the day, evening gowns for the evening. WHAT? A black silk mini-dress worn by day with sneakers and oversized sweatshirt is simply fabulous as well as a military parka will look wonderful with skinny jeans and metallic pumps by night.
4. No pearls before sunset. WHAT? Imagine pearl cascade earrings worn with a wool sweater-dress, bare legs and ankle boots for your morning commitments. Then tell me what do you think.
5. You can only wear sweatpants at home and at the gym. WHAT? A nice pair of gray pants paired with a soft striped sweater, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and teen-like Converse could sometimes be sexier than a femme fatale look.


Cosa ne pensi?

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