I love, love, love botanical gardens. A botanical garden is a place where nature meets decor and where the respect for the earth is very strong and sincere. Here are 5 things to learn from botanical gardens, to apply to your home decoration.

1. Light is the most important thing to give your home a good vibes aura. If your home isn’t luminous enough, try with mirrors and let all the light you can come in.
2. If you treat your plants like they’re diamonds, they will shine and bright like them.
3. Green is powerfull. Try to add some indoor plants to your decor.
4. If you don’t own a garden, don’t worry. You can create a little space for your plants and feel (almost) like you have one.
5. When you have to relax just close your eyes and listen to the sound of birds flying in the sky, imagining yourself alone in a botanical garden. If your home is in a crowdy road, just listen to some relaxing sounds (there are plenty of apps for that, or CDs, if you’re retro enough to dare that).

Ph Sara Ottavia Carolei

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