It is not a coincidence that I am nicknamed Miss Marple by some of my friends. Beside my infinite love for noir and mystery stories and for flowers, I also admit a passion for hand-painted colorful majolicas that I collect in my travels. What you see in the picture are just some of the many bowls I love to place around my apartment.
I like majolicas because they give light and color to unexpected corners of the house and because they have countless possibilities of use. From aperitif bowls to be filled with olives and dried fruit, to pocket emptiers, from rings holders to simple objects of decoration.
Despite the above declared affinity with the heroine created by Agatha Christie, I pay attention to mix my majolicas with other objects that give a more modern light to them, because the risk of the “Grandma’s house effect” is always around the corner.
So don’t hang them on the wall, don’t create unique sets but mix them and let them be discreetly discovered hidden by a book of design and a pot full of peonies.
I know I’m kinda obsessed, but who loves majolica will surely understand me.
Talking about that, is anyone in?

Ph Sara Ottavia Carolei

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