The more I grow, the more I feel like surrounding myself with things that give me good vibes only and I think that means that I’m dealing with my inner bohemian side. Here are the 7 signs that you’re in my same situation.

1. You always look for colorful, detailed, exotic objects and pieces of furniture for your apartment.
2. You wear amulets and Indian jewels all the time (when I say all the time, I mean also at the gym or in bed).
3. You constantly dream about leaving for a long travel around Thailand and Indonesia.
4. Your idea of a great Saturday night is a garden party with candles, lights and silk pillows on the grass.
5. You listen to relaxing music with the sounds of nature even when you are at work or at the gym.
6. You desperately look for the weekend to spend some time in the nature.
7. You rather daydream and think about positive thinks than focus on everyday life problems.

Do you see yourself in some of the points above?

Illustration Sara Ottavia Carolei

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