I like reading different kind of books, but I surely have a strong preference for mystery, noir, adventure, and espionage ones. Here are my 4 top books of the month. What about yours?

1. The Museum Of Extraordinary Things, Alice Hoffman
A heartwarming and bizarre story of a half mermaid half human girl who grows in her father’s Museum Of Extraordinary Things in Coney Island at the beginning of XV century. It’s like a voyage into a magic, different, secret world.
2. Essays in love, Alain de Botton
An unconventional romantic novel about the beginning, the evolution and the end of a love story. I normally don’t read romantic novels, but this is a really interesting mix of romance and philosophy.
3. Levels of life, Julian Barnes
I still don’t know if I really understood this novel or not, but it is so unusual and pointless – in a good way – that I feel like suggesting you to read it.
4. Eve, James Hadley Chase
This novel was a present from my dear friend Stefania. When she gave it to me she said “I’ve always thought that this one is definitely the perfect novel for you. I’m sure you’re gonna fall in love with the story and the characters”. She was totally right. A Hollywood noir that it’s at the same time tragic and sparkling is what I can’t help loving.

Ph. Sara Ottavia Carolei

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