Surviving a busy day, week, month (or sometimes, entire life) is a work for tough girls.
Since I’m living a – let’s say active – moment of my life, I’m trying my best to organize my days in the best way in order to manage my overloaded crazy schedule.
Here are the 5 rules I gave myself that I hope can be useful for you too. Let me know what do you think in the comments below!
(Other suggestions are more than welcome).

1. Organize your daily schedule in advance. In this way you know before what you have to do and how to manage your time in the best way.
2. Don’t accept last minute invitations, extra tasks and crazy requests unless you are sure that it is not a problem for you. Know what you can and can’t do and be true to yourself.
3. Dedicate some time everyday to funny/relaxing/happy activities. Even though you madly love your job, you need to take a real break at the end of the day.
4. Delegate if you can. Or, if you prefer, accept your friends and family help every now and again.
5. Write on your organizer in a playful and colored way. It will help making you feel like your days are full of amusing commitments only.

Collage, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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