I couldn’t say what’s my favorite color (maybe it is pink, but how could I exclude green or violet or blue from the list?) but I can definitely say which are my all time favorite colors combinations.
I use them for my looks, home decor, illustrations, table settings and so on.
Because finding a great colors combination is like matching two soul mates.

Since I feel very generous today, here’s the list of the colors + HTML codes (you’re welcome).

1. Carnation pink (F678A1) + Medium emerald green (0DA889)
2. Light pink (FAAFBA) + Copper gold (B87333)
3. Mauve (E0B0FF) + Sea shell (FFF5EE)
4. Teal (008080) + Pink cupcake (E45E9D)
5. Gray goose (D1D0CE) + Plum pie (7D0552)
6. Desert sand (EDC9AF) + Crystal blue (5CB3FF)
7. Ruby red (F62217) + Cream (FFFFCC)

Images, Sara Ottavia Carolei

(Click on the miniatures to open the gallery)

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