Late spring is the perfect time for weekend getaways and a little trip is exactly what you need to recharge your batteries before a new week starts.Weather is warm enough to allow you to visit a city or relaxing on a beach, hotel and flight prices are generally lower.
I’ve selected my 15 favorite European destinations and I can’t wait to hear your suggestions too!

1. Monterosso, Italy
2. Saint-Tropez, France
3. Granada, Spain
4. Stockholm, Sweden
5. Göreme, Turkey
6. Positano, Italy
7. Edinburgh, Scotland
8. Biarritz, France
9. Antwerp, Belgium
10. Athens, Greece
11. Capri, Italy
12. Hvar, Croatia
13. Brighton, UK
14. Hamburg, Germany
15. Mont Saint-Michel, France

(Click on the miniatures to open the gallery)

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