A timeless gem, a boutique where losing yourself a thousand times between scents, precious details and small pearls unknown to most. Perfume bottles that remind of Golden Age of Hollywood films, labels that look like they are hand-decorated, lotions that seem magic potions; wondering around the shelves of Acque & Saponi is a pleasure that involves the eyes, the nose and the heart.

I have always worked in the world of perfumery, but time after time I realized that I had a strong predisposition for all that is selective and non-commercial. The charm of this exclusive and pretty unknown world really got me.” says Liliana Brunori, the owner of the boutique.

The philosophy of quality and attention to the choice of products is what makes Acque & Saponi a place away from the noise of traditional perfumery shops.
Bringing these fragrances, taking care of yourself with creams and high quality products is like wearing a second skin. They dress like a custom-made suit.

When you come here to buy a product or a perfume, it all starts with the research of a particular and evocative odor. “It can be harder for those that are not used and that usually choose fragrances for their name and not for what they contain.” Here, however, the choice of the perfect eau de toilette becomes a ritual, an almost intimate moment.

So for creams and lotions that promise no miracles, but than they make them. Once you discover this world, you can not help but love it madly.

Acque & Saponi, via San Felice 67, Bologna (Italy)
9.30 am – 12 pm
3.30 pm – 7.30 pm
Acque & Saponi

Ph, Sara Ottavia Carolei

(Click on the miniatures to open the gallery)

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