Fruit is one of the best things that nature gave us. It’s healthy, tasty, b and can satisfy your eyes, your taste buds and your organism at the same time. Cool, isn’t it?
Here are my top 15 combinations for homemade fruit (+ vegetables) smoothies.

(The smoothie in the picture is n.5)

1. Green apple + cucumber + ginger
2. Banana + almond milk + cinnamon
3. Strawberry + pink grapefruit
4. Apricot + banana
5. Red fruits + vanilla
6. Orange + carrot
7. Pear + lemon
8. Cherry + lime
9. Watermelon + coconut water
10. Pineapple + mint
11. Mango + soy milk
12. Papaya + yogurt
13. Apple + green tea + celery
14. Lemon + apple + cayenne pepper
15. Blueberry + rice milk + dark cocoa

Ph, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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