The choice of the perfect tee is something more important than you think.
Considering the endless possibilities of looks you can create with this one single item, it is necessary to think well before buying a T-shirt.
It is ok to mix luxury clothes with second-hand or low cost ones, but when it comes to basics I always suggest to choose something really well done.
Here are my personal rules to choose your perfect tee.

1. The fabric. Choose only 100% cotton tees, and make sure it is a high quality one. You’re going to wash it thousand times, so it has to be very resistant.
2. The cut. Personally I prefer T-shirts that really are T-shirt and by this I mean that they have to have a T cut, no flared sides, no round edges.
3. The neckline. I’m strongly against V-necks when it comes to T-shirts. A round neckline is always preferable. It is more feminine and classy.
4. The color. White, black and grey are the only colors you can consider when buying a basic tee.
5. The price. Under 80 dollars is ok, over 80 dollars is kinda too much for a basic t-shirt.

T-shirt, Rag & Bone

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