Lunch-breaks can be kinda dangerous for shape and health. It is easy to end up eating horrible bar sandwiches or not eating at all because of the lack of time. That’s why I learned to prepare super fast but yummy dishes that I can take with me wherever I go.

Here are 5 easy recipes for eating clean and happy even during your briefest lunch-break.

(The ingredients are for 1 person).

1. Tomato soup with Philadelphia and basil 
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Ingredients: 2 fresh tomatoes, red onion, 100 gr of Philadelphia cheese, 4/5 leaves of basil, oil
How to: cut the red onion into little pieces and put it in a pan with a spoon of oil. In the meanwhile peel the tomatoes and cut them. Then put them in the pan with Philadelphia cheese and a leaf or two of basil. Let it cook for 5 minutes while blending. Serve with fresh basil.

2. Cous-cous with tuna, curcuma and green peas
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Ingredients: 80 gr of cous-cous, 150 gr of green peas, 100 gr of tuna, curcuma, oil
How to: Boil the water, then drop it on the raw cous-cous and let it absorb the water. Put the green peas in a pan with the tuna and a pinch of curcuma and let it cook for 5 minutes with no oil (you can add a bit of hot water if you want). Then shuck the cous-cous with your hands and put the tuna + green peas mix in.

3. Fresh salad with, green beans, almonds and Teriyaki sauce 
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Ingredients: 150 gr of green beans, 200 gr of fresh salad, almonds, oil
How to: Wash and dry the salad, cut the green beans in little pieces in order to mix it better with the salad. Then add almonds in little pieces. Season only with Teriyaki sauce and few drops of olive oil.
Note: You obviously have to prepare your green beans before, boiling them for 20/30 minutes.

4. Smoked salmon with chives and pink pepper 
Preparation time: 3 minutes
Ingredients: 150 gr of smoked salmon, 50 gr of chives, pink pepper, lemon
How to: Put the salmon on a plate, cut the chives in little pieces and spread it on the salmon. Then add the pink pepper and few drops of lemon juice.

5. Zucchini’s carpaccio with mint
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Ingredients: 1 zucchini, 7/8 mint leaves, oil, lemon
How to: Cut the zucchini in super tiny slices then put them on a plate, spread the mint and season with oil and lemon.

Ph, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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