Summer is far away from our minds and so are crazy parties and cocktails at any hour.
Now, a weekend detox is exactly what you need to face the arrive of the cold season.

In some easy steps you can take advantage of the weekend to add some ultra healthy habits to your routine.
We tried this and we assure you that this works

  • Drink a cup of hot green tea on an empty stomach before having breakfast. It helps you clean your organism and accellerate your green tea_style-behind
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, sugar and salt for at least 24 hours. No explanations needed.  no alcohol_style-behind
  • Take a walk in the nature early in the morning and another after dinner (a city park would be great too). Starting and ending the day taking a walk is the best way to regenerate your spirit and your mindwalk nature_style-behind
  • Turn off all of your technological devices for at least 12 hours. A social networks/news detox is what your soul needs to reconnect with yourselfturn off_style-behind
  • Put some cucumber’s slices in a pitcher, fill it with fresh mineral water and drink it during the day.
    It’s simple, fresh and purifyingcucumber water_style-behind
  • Go – rigorously alone – to the Spa.
    We are not saying that your friends and your boyfriend are a bad company, but we strongly believe in the power of a solitary day at the Spa. spa_style-behind
  • Try to cook without using any additional oil or butter. Season with spices and soy sauce if you prefer savory food.spices_style-behind
  • Spend some quality time chatting with your beloveds without checking your e-mails/Instagram account compulsively (see above).friends_style-behind

Let us know what you think.
If you have some extra tips, feel free to share them with us!

(Illustrations Sara Ottavia Carolei)

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