Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day. That’s why we have collected 15 ideas (thank you, Pinterest!) for fast and yummy breakfasts.

Here they are! 

Muesli with honey and red fruits + rice milk
French toasts + cranberry juice 
Granola and soy milk + American coffee
– Mini sandwich with butter and avocado + green apple juice 
Whole wheat biscuits + strawberry milkshake
Yogurt and raspberry + vanilla tea
Pancakes with bananas and maple syrup + white coffee
Scrambled eggs with ham + orange and lemon juice
Salmon toast + peach ice-tea
Waffles + chocolate smoothie 
Cornflakes and dehydrated fruits + almond milk 
Black bread and peanut butter + ice coffee
Bagel with alfalfa with cream cheese and tomatoes + barley coffee
Fruit cocktail + vanilla milkshake

Note: remember to set the table in a funny and colored way.

Illustration Sara Ottavia Carolei

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