With the first editorial entirely produced and realized by Style Behind presented today, we wanted to share with you our vision and concept of beauty.

We strongly believe in the power of beauty, but we also think that it is something ephemeral that has nothing to do with standards.

We choose to work only with models (professional or not) that have something to say with their faces, bodies and souls.

Our editorials are conceived as stories in images where clothes, attitudes, lights and every little detail contribute to the narration of a moment captured by the camera.

That being said, Style Behind is a fashion magazine and not a social-philosophical publication.
We do not pretend to reverse the common thought about beauty.

What we do is fashion, and fashion is a way of expressing a particular aesthetical vision.

Style Behind’s point of view is multifaceted but coherent, contemporary but retrò, minimalistic but complex.

That’s what our editorials tell.


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