Cleaner wardrobe, cleaner life: this should become your new mantra.

When your clothes are organized, everything in your life becomes easier.

Not joking, it’s personal experience.
Since I reorganized my wardrobe I’ve noticed a lot of interesting changes in my life.

It’s like a positive domino effect: I keep my walk-in-closet clean and organized, that makes getting ready in the morning way easier and encourages me to experiment a little bit more with my looks.
That makes me feel more confident and keeps me away from shopping compulsively.

Not sure?

Try this at home, it’s everything but dangerous.

  1. Look at your closet from a different perspective, like it wasn’t yours.
    What do you love? What would you change?
    Make a list of its strengths and weaknesses (like you do for guys, because I know you do it too).
  2. Create your ideal closet in your mind (Pinterest is great for this).
    What those fabulous closets have that yours doesn’t (except for the six shelves filled with Louboutins)?
  3. Make it functional. No matter how you love those embroidered espadrilles you bought in Messico last summer, they’re not the shoes you wear the most so don’t put them front row. Ankle boots should stay with ankle boots, silk lingerie with silk lingerie, cashmere with cashmere.
    The “opposite attracts” works only for love affairs (and not always, anyway).
  4. Get rid of what you never wear.
    No time for sentimentalisms here.
  5. Keep it clean, do your laundry regularly and tide it up every day.

Sounds good? Let us know what you think.

Ph. Sara Ottavia Carolei

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