Who doesn’t love aperitifs? It is the best thing ever after a hard working day.

It’s the moment you forget the problems of the day, the voice of your boss to focus only on the things you love. Like your girlfriends and Martinis.

We’ve made a list of tips for making a perfect aperitif at home, because sometimes all we wish for after a stressful day is to relax at home with the people we love. And drink. And talk.

  • Prepare your aperitif in advance. Except for the cocktails, of course.
    If you manage to arrange everything before going to the office, once home you’ll just have to enjoy your relaxing time.
  • Choose a cocktail (or a type of wine) and make it the only protagonist of the evening. Your friends know your home is not a lounge-bar, don’t worry.
  • Find five minutes to change your working clothes, to plunge into the aperitif mood.
  • Dedicate just a little corner of your apartment to the aperitif.
    That will help you tiding up once your friends are gone.
  • Put on some jazz music. It is the best to chill out.
  • Light some candles.
  • Turn off your phone and try to not talk about work.

Ph courtesy Vogue Runway, Chanel FW 2015 show

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