Something weird is happening in the fashion industry right now.
Alexander Wang left Balenciaga, then Raf Simons said goodbye to Dior and now Alber Elbaz is breaking up with Lanvin.

Except for the fact that all three of them were the best thing that ever happened to those maisons after they were founded, we all find this pretty disorienting.

Right now every single fashion insider is wondering who’s going to replace them (we know for Balenciaga, but not for the other two).

The hypothesis are very imaginative (here at Style Behind we are still waiting for someone to suppose for Kendall Jenner as new creative director at Balenciaga).

It’s the fashion world version of the presidential election for USA 2016, you know.

That’s being said, I’ll never ever understand how their job contracts works.
Are they like interns that can be replaced in the blink of an eye? Or are they freelances that work for a company occasionally?

Leading a fashion house is incredibly stressing, I know, but what drives them to leave to feel free?

The mystery remains unsolved.

All we have to do is wait to know who’s on next.

Collage Sara Ottavia Carolei

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