The first time I met Giulia was like five or six years ago.
Her creations were starting to become popular and she was full of enthusiasm.

Exactly as she is today, except for the fact that the jewels she makes are now sold in over 40 stores around the world.

– How do you keep your passion and enthusiasm alive?

This is a wonderful question. When you’re lucky enough to make your passion a job, it’s pretty easy to get up in the morning with a smile on your face.
I’ve had a “double life” for years: I was an architect by day and creator of jewels by night.
I have so much respect for my work, because it was built with sacrifice.
I think the secret is to maintain a proper balance.
It’s not always possible, there are very intense moments, for example during the production phase and bad times in general. It is thanks to the people I love, to my husband, my family and my closest friends that I manage to maintain this balance.
However the most important thing is loving and respecting yourself and your work. Always.

– What made you want to become a jewelry designer?

Nothing in particular
. One day, I was 17 or 18 years old, I picked up the tongs to defeat the boredom of summer afternoons and then I never stopped.
My maternal grandmother, an amazing woman, was a talented seamstress and so I grew up in the midst of love for all things handmade.
My parents have always encouraged this attitude and have always been very proud of me. So it was easy to find the right energy around me.
Creating jewels makes me happy.
When you find something that gives you joy, don’t let it go.

– What was your greatest job satisfaction so far?

Every single day spent doing this work is a pleasure for me.
When I think back to the early days and when I think to my life now, it all seems beautiful to me.
When I started to do this job (it was 2007/2008) I saw some objectives like faraway dreams. Today I live that dream in a natural way and with great respect. So I would say that my greatest satisfaction is the path, the journey that I have done and am doing.

Where do you look for finding the right inspiration?

Nowhere in particular, I just let my eyes fill with wonder.
I have a strong passion for dark and decadent atmospheres, although my collections have very different styles.
Then there is the theme of the travel that is very dear to me.
Also, I try to always put a little intimacy in my work: my personal experiences affect the way I create and design.

Which person you’d like to wear your creations?

The celebrities that wore my creations until now are women I professionally respect. I would like that in general, those who choose to wear my jewels respect them.
Talking about icons I would say Charlotte Gainsbourg and Patti Smith: they are fabulous!

– If your jewels were a movie?

I will mention a few: Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky (1979), The Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Terry Gilliam (1988), Sweeney Todd by Tim Burton (2007) and Fight Club by David Fincher (1999).

– A book?

Any novel by Italo Calvino.

– A city?

Bologna, my hometown and San Francisco which is always in my heart.

– A secret dream for your job?

More than a dream it is a hope: that their good energy always remain high.
This work is my creature, I hope to be always good for it, to have the same respect for it that I have now.

Cover ph Sara Ottavia Carolei
Lookbook ph Valentina De Meo

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