Do you remember our article about the best apps for fashion lovers?

Well, here we are again talking about apps, pretending we are a sort of geek crew when in reality we don’t even know where the on and off buttons are.

Anyway, just as friends talking on a café, we’d like to share with you the 10 apps that are incredibly useful to organize our busy, crazy lives.
Note: most of the apps are for women only, sorry dudes.
Here they are.

Snapguide: how-to guides for any topic you have in mind. From cooking the perfect cheeseburger, to create your homemade dreamcatcher.

Spending Tracker: this app could become your best friend and your worst nightmare at the same time. Why? Because it tracks your incomes and outcomes (brrr!).

30/30: this app will help you organize your time and will also alert you when you need a break.

Slice: if you have troubles tracking your online purchases, this app is for you.

My Fitness Pal: your personal trainer/nutritionist 24/7, everywhere you are.

Kitchen Stories: don’t know what to cook tonight? There is a community that knows it for you.

Vivino: if you don’t have a clue of what’s the difference between a Barolo and a Merlot, well, this app does.

Cocktails: talking about drinking again, the recipes of 400 cocktails are waiting for you.

iGyno: the most useful app for women ever invented. It gives you daily precious tips, tracks your period and indicates you the ovulation days.

Dress Size Chart: shopping online is not so easy when you’re buying from an e-commerce that doesn’t has a clear guide to sizes. This app comes in help with a simple and easy converter.

Illustration Sara Ottavia Carolei

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