The world of luxury and artistic perfumeries is utterly fascinating.
A person who creates fragrances has to have a wonderful, creative soul.

This is exactly the case of Julien Blanchard et Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard, a lovely Parisian couple of perfumes creators.

Here’s our exclusive interview of Madalina Stoïca-Blanchard, Jul et Mad director and co-founder.

– What brought you to the universe of artistic perfumery?

I’ve always been naturally drawn by the fragrance industry and the magic and mystery behind every olfactory composition. This is the reason why I dedicated my superior studies and my professional career to the beauty industry, without hesitation. During my 15 years as an executive in the industry, I had the unique chance to “experiment” both, fragrances and cosmetics.
But I always came back to perfumes, because I felt a real connection and fulfillment whenever in contact with them. And this is how Jul et Mad Paris was born… a natural step, allowing me to put forward the best of my acquired knowledge and experience through the years.
I am very aware and I actually feel really lucky to have the opportunity of transforming this instinctive passion into my professional career.

– Which is your first childhood memory linked to perfumes?

I had the chance to grow up in a very small town surrounded by mountains, magnificent forests and rich scents offered by the splendor of nature.
I was particularly attracted to the smell of the freshly cut grass in the springtime, the heavenly-smelling hey mixed with dried wild flowers in the summer or the impregnating, addictive fragrance of humid oak leaves in the fall
But, the first actual perfume I felt in love with and, in my opinion not yet matched today, was my great-grandmother’s scent, a 1930s composition with a predominant note of iris, made especially for her, which she kept and wore all her life.

– What does inspire you the most?

Inspiration is all around us! From a walk in a park, to a most romantic city, to a beautiful painting, to the smell of a flower, to a beautiful encounter, to a specific moment that marked us in a way or another… The choice is infinite!
Whatever the inspiration may be, as Jul et Mad Paris is deeply attached to the French traditional perfumery era where every perfume was presented as a unique, rare work of art, our goal remains to create a perfume collection that will simply last over the years, elegant and extemporal, classic and modern at a time, as love.
Love and its beauty is not a question of fashion or trend, it’s simply ageless.

– What’s your tip on how to choose the perfect fragrance?

You should really take the time to test a fragrance, especially when you’re searching for a new signature scent.
Test it on the skin, as every person wears a perfume differently. This is especially true in artistic perfumery, where the concentration of natural raw materials is significantly higher than in mainstream perfumery.
And, most important, never let anyone tell you what to wear.
Choose a perfume because you like it and because it represents you, not because someone else recommends it.

– If your fragrances were a movie or a novel?

This is a very complex question, as the Jul et Mad story itself could be a movie or a novel on its own, happening at different times, in different places, our couple playing the main characters… This is, actually, the very ‘raison d’être’ of our brand, as we chose to replace images and words with olfactory notes and compositions to narrate our Histoire d’Amour.

Projects for the future?

We have many projects for the future, on both professional and personal levels. The most important thing that drives us and motivates us is to continue offering the most beautiful perfumes to our passionate clientele; to evolve gradually, to become a reference in the beauty industry.
And to stay happy and healthy to be able to achieve all of the above.

Cover ph. handwriting and illustrations Sara Ottavia Carolei
Gallery ph. courtesy Jul et Mad

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