In a world where originality, uniqueness and difference are often seen as “hazardous“, staying true to yourself is not always easy.

Yet, in fashion as in life, being honest to one’s true self is essential to not succumb.

Here are some tips to not be a slave of tendencies and thoughts that do not really belong to you.

– Every morning, before getting dressed, ask yourself if what you wear really reflects your inner self.

– Do your own researches, don’t just listen to what the media says (Style Behind included 😉).

– Find something that will become your signature style. It could be a haircut, a type of jeans or a color combination.

– Choose your muses carefully, but also learn how to overcome them.

Love yourself as no one else will be able to do.

What about you? Do you have some personal strategies to stay true to yourself?
Share them with us!

Cover handwriting Sara Ottavia Carolei

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