There are wonderful little things that, unfortunately, are likely to disappear with time. Among them, handwriting letters.

It could be a love letter, a greeting card (after all, Christmas is coming), a party invitation or anything else, but what is sure is that handwritten letters are something beautiful that should not be forgotten.

Here are some suggestions to write perfect handwritten letters (word of illustrator!)

  • Choose a paper that you like and that fits your purpose. It can be colored, recycled, aged, hardback or simply white.
  • Use a proper writing instrument for the type of paper. The ink pens are the best, but on recycled paper must pay special attention because they leave stains.
  • Make a draft and write down on paper once you are ready.
  • If you want to be really precise, track guidelines that you will use as a layout.
  • Write calmly, maintain a comfortable position and take your time for writing.
  • Have fun!

Let us know if you tried and, if you want, share your results on Instagram using the hashtag #handwrittenlettersstylebehind

Cover handwriting Sara Ottavia Carolei from a love letter written by Héloïse d’Argenteuil to Peter Abélard

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