Warning: this is not the classic Christmas presents guide.
We’ve studied for you a new, innovative way to guide you through the choice of Christmas presents.

Think about this: how could someone that doesn’t know your friends, fiancé, parents and siblings tell you what you should buy to make them happy?
Unless we’re talking about a psychic, it’s pretty impossible for an editor or a salesperson to know your beloveds’s taste better than you.

That’s why we’ve decided to skip the “You should give your dad a cashmere scarf” part to go directly to what’s really important:
how to make a (really) perfect Christmas present.

Here’s our guide.

  • Think about the person you are buying a gift to. What does he/she really likes? Does he/she needs something in particular?
  • Which was the latest gift you gave to this person?
  • And which was the latest gift he/she gave to you?
  • Which is your strongest memory with this person?
  • What’s the message you want to give to this person?
  • Do you like what you are buying?

Try to answer these questions, connect the dots and you’ll find the idea you were looking for!

Cover image and handwriting Sara Ottavia Carolei

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