Going to the gym is definitely overrated, that’s why exercising at home is something you really, really should try.

Note: No fitness expert tips here, we can’t tell you what your body needs nor what kind of training fits you better. Consult a trainer before deciding what type of exercises are good for you!

Reason n.1: Comfort
Gym is a place where complete strangers exercise, make strange noises and (quelle horreur) sweat near you. We’re not sociopaths, I swear, but really, how can you concentrate on yourself and your physical efforts with a gigantic sweaty and eyes-disturbing bodybuilder next to you?

Reason n.2: Concentration
Like we said before, concentration is something you need to improve your body shape. Exercising at home you can focus on yourself, forgetting the rest.

Reason n.3: Privacy
When you exercise at home, you feel completely free to do everything you want without indiscreet looks. Plus, you can wear your high school oversized T-shirt shamelessly.

Reason n.4: Music
We are informed about the existence of headphones, but listening to your favorite music loudly will surely make your training time more powerful and  efficient.

Reason n.5: Flexible hours
Many fitness clubs have extended their opening hours and a lot of them are open 24/7, but do you really think we believe that you would leave your apartment at 3AM to do your daily session of squats? Please.

Reason n.6: Time
When you are in a room full of crossfit obsessed and your trainer screams like a monster, it’s pretty impossible to listen to your body and realize when you should stop. When you do your training alone, you can take your time to make an exercise and to really listen to the signs your body is giving you.

Reason n.7: Rituality
Decide for a precise hour of the day and dedicate it to your own fitness training. It will become a personal daily ritual that will enlighten your life and your routine.

Reason n.8: No excuses
When you learn how to exercise at home and you start doing it everyday, you’ll stop looking for silly excuses to not leave your home to go to the gym.

Reason n. 9: Money
Because yes, this will save you A LOT of money too.

What do you think?

Illustration Sara Ottavia Carolei

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