The countdown begins and Christmas is now really around the corner.

Christmas decorations have been placed everywhere, Santa Claus wallpapers are set on our phones and Michael Bublé songs play on repeat (speaking of which, a super Christmas playlist will be up on Style Behind on Sunday).

Now, it’s time for Pre-Christmas parties!
Christmas days are usually dedicated to family dinners and lunches, but the days before are perfect for friends reunions to celebrate holidays in a cool and happy way.

Here are our suggestions to make the best of your Pre-Christmas parties.

  • Decide for a date, invite your friends and give everyone an assignment, so that you won’t have to prepare all the food by yourself.
  • Get some nice and funny holidays inspired table sets. Napkins, cutlery, glasses, tablecloth, candles: choose the most Christmassy on the market and you’ll never go wrong.
  • Let the menu be traditional but revisited, after all this is not your usual family Christmas dinner.
  • Choose an appropriate playlist.
  • Create homemade place cards with the names of your guests.
  • Be happy and have fun!

Illustration Sara Ottavia Carolei

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