Morning is the most important moment of the day.
Have you ever noticed that a day that starts with a happy morning usually becomes a great day?

We’ve collected 11 ideas and tips to help you starting the day in the best way.

  1. Set a happy and energy-booster song as your alarm tone.
  2. Take at least 5 minutes to let your body and your mind wake-up properly.
  3. Put some happy music on.
  4. Do a 7 minutes yoga/stretching/pilates wake-up workout.
  5. Drink an infusion of lemon, cold water and ginger on an empty stomach.
  6. Cuddle your pets, kids, boyfriend. If you don’t have any pets, kids or boyfriend just write a sweet good-morning message to your best friend, your mum or to anyone else you care about.
  7. Have a healthy and yummy breakfast. (Our recipes here).
  8. Before taking shower, vaporize the bathroom with an energetic home fragrance. Mint, grapefruit and eucalyptus are the essences with the most powerful energizing proprieties.
  9. Wear clothes that REALLY make you feel beautiful.
  10. Make a to-do list and be sure you put some extra happy activities on the list.
  11. Fill yourself with good vibes and joyful thoughts and live your day!

Cover handwriting Sara Ottavia Carolei

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