2016 is here, a new year has just started and I feel like the world is full of wonderful occasions for me and for everyone that believes in the power of dreams.

A new year is like a white canvas ready to be filled with ideas, inspirations, projects and goals.

In my case, I have more than one objective for my 2016, but I have decided that I should not hurry things and take my time to do everything better.

I am a very frenetic person; I’m often doing two (or more things) at time and sometimes I feel pretty impatient to see the results. This happens when I write an article, I draw a new illustration, I shoot an editorial and also when I make personal plans for my life.

This holidays were for me the occasion to think about my life and my routine and even if I really like being an active and busy person, I think I also need to take it slowly.

This is also the topic of our fashion editorial of the month, ‘Sweet Beginning’, online on Friday the 15th.

Because when you take your time to do something, whether it is at work or in your love life, the final result is always better.


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