Pink is probably the first color that we get to use when we approach to make-up. From childhood, when we used to play with Barbie’s make-up palettes and we began to experience the first primitive techniques to make ourselves prettier, pink definitely became one of the protagonists of our make-up colors. 

Using pink in make-up, once adult, however, can easily turn into a real  beauty disaster. Putting too much of a pink blush on the cheeks would make us look like Chucky the doll, while a careless application of eyeshadow on this shade may seriously damage our credibility (and to cast doubts on our mental health).

That’s why we decided to suggest you some tips for using pink in make-up avoiding your transformation into a clown. (You’re welcome).

Note: Remember that pink is a high impact color. Choose only one area of ​​the face to apply it and don’t dye eyes, lips and cheeks together of the same color.

Eyes. Choose a cream eye shadow in the shades of pale pinkRemove residues before applying make-up and clean the area with a gentle cleanser. Wait a few minutes, apply an eye primer and then apply the eyeshadow using the ring finger and tapping with your fingertip.

Cheeks. A strong pink blush is suitable for those who have dark skin, while pale pink is perfect for those who have pale and rose skin.

Lips. If you choose a matte lipstick in pink shades, let the rest of the make-up be lighter and brighter (just curl your lashes and apply black mascara, that’s all).
If you prefer pink glosses instead, the ideal partner is a black eyeliner that has to be applied precisely. In alternative you can combine it with a powder  eyeshadow in the shades of gray.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Illustration Sara Ottavia Carolei

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