Today we wanted to share with you a very easy yet super yummy and versatile exotic recipe we run into some weeks ago: the tangerine chutney.

Do you know what a chutney is? A chutney (sometimes transliterated as chatni or chatney) is a sauce/side dish hailing from India.
It has almost the same texture of a marmalade, but differently from a marmalade it is a sweet and sour preparation that is suitable to go with second courses and entrées.

Wear your best apron and follow us in the kitchen!

What you need

Raisin (50 gr.) (optional)
Ginger in powder (a teaspoon)
Shallot (50 gr.)
Coriander (1/2 teaspoon)
Tangerines (500 gr.)
White vinegar (a spoon)
Sugar (200 gr.)
Salt (q.s.)

How to

Boil the white vinegar with sugar, ginger, coriander and a bit of salt in a saucepan under a medium flame for about 10 minutesCut the shallot in tiny slices, peel the tangerines, cut them in little cubes, eliminate the eventual seeds and put them in a casserole with their juice. Add the shallot and the hot vinegar sirup and cook under a low flame for 30 minutes. (Optional) Put the raisins in a bowl with warm water to soften them. Then add the raisins to the chutney and cook under a low flame for other 10 minutes.


A chutney is better eaten some days (or even weeks) after its preparation. To conserve it follow the same method used to preserve marmalades: sterilize a jar by putting it in a casserole and covering it with fresh water. Then boil the water for about 20 minutes, drain it and let the jar dry upside down on a rag until it is perfectly dried. Put the chutney in the jar using a spoon previously washed with hot water.


You can use the tangerine chutney as a sauce for aged cheeses or to enrich a salmon filet.

Ph and handwriting Sara Ottavia Carolei

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