Natalie Leon, founder of Passionate About Vintage boutique in London, is a young British lady with a deep passion for vintage luxury and a strong predisposition for jewelry.

She started making jewelry when she was at school, then studied at The University of the Arts in London and wrote her dissertation on the history of costume jewelry. That was the moment when she realized what was her real dream: opening her own vintage jewelry boutique.

From dreams to reality is but a short step. Soon after her graduation, she opened her London boutique Passionate About Vintage, a place where time doesn’t exist and the love for vintage becomes a way of living.

– What brought you to the world of vintage

I used to love watching my mum get dressed for a night out and helping her pick out her jewelry. She also has a love of vintage and antiques and she shared her passion with me. I was definitely influenced by my parent’s love of beautiful old things from all over the world and by the antiques fairs that they took me along to from a very young age.
I developed an eclectic style, a love of beauty, craftsmanship and design from early on thanks to them.

– What does vintage represent to you

Style, elegance, iconic and timeless fashions, stories and romance.

– What does inspire you the most?

I can’t choose just one decade, I love elements of them all, so I take certain elements from each. The hyper feminine silhouettes of the 1950s and the stunning geometric and monochrome designs of the 1920s, for example.
I’m a very visual person, so I’m drawn to images. Paintings, photography, colors, small details; they can stay with me and inspire me for years.

– Which are your muses

Now, Dita Von Teese for her modern take on pin up style.

Then, Grace Kelly for her exquisite ladylike elegance and beauty and Frida Kahlo for her strength, creativity and unquietness.

– Do you have some secret future projects?

Of course! But if I told you they wouldn’t be secret!

Natalie Leon’s Passionate About Vintage boutique is located in
66 Mill Ln, London NW6, United Kingdom

Ph courtesy Bright Light PR

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