Since it is unbelievably cold outside, why not following the winter mood adopting an icy makeup?

A makeup like this is surely more suitable for girls with pale skin and delicate features, but if you aren’t part of the category, well, don’t worry because you can experiment this kind of maquillage too.

Here are the rules we “stole” from the beauty experts we use to work with, to rock a perfect icy make-up.

  • Prepare your skin with a moisturizer and a primer. Your skin needs to be perfectly smooth for this type of makeup.
  • For this makeup, prefer a powder foundation over a creamy or liquid one. Apply it on your skin and then enlighten your cheeks and cheekbones with an illuminating gel.
  • Focus on the eyes. Choose a maximum of two shades from an icy palette: aquamarine, pale turquoise, cadet blue, light cyan, light sky blue, slate grey and optical white are the best colors for an icy makeup.
  • Before applying your eyeshadow, we suggest you to use a white pencil or eyeliner to draw a line over your eyelids: this trick will make your eyes look bigger and will give more light to your look.
  • For the texture of the eyeshadow the choice is double: you can choose a creamy eyeshadow or a powder one. In the first case, what you’ll obtain is a more sophisticated result while in the second case your makeup will surely be more sensational.
  • Now that you have choose the texture of your eyeshadow, you can proceed with your icy makeup. Apply the darker shade on the eyelids, paying attention not to ruin the white eyeliner or pencil line you drew before. Then, apply a super tiny line of the lighter shade on the lower part of the eyes.
  • For the bravest: you can also dare a white mascara, but be careful because the carnival effect is not what you aspire to (or, at least, we hope so).
  • Leave your lips natural. Apply a rich balm and wipe a transparent lip gloss (optional).

What do you think? Have you ever tried the icy makeup? Let us know in the comments below.

Illustration/collage Sara Ottavia Carolei

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