Procrastination is an “art” that almost everyone masters perfectly.
We use to say that we have the time to do things, but that’s definitely not true.

The point is, if we keep on procrastinating, we’ll never finish anything and we’ll end up with a handful of dust.
Postponing things is dangerous, in any situation.

So, here are some interesting and (we hope) helpful rules about how to stop procrastinating that we’ve collected during the years.

  • Make a list of the things you should have done, but have not done so far. Calls, unpaid bills, purchases, things to say. Everything left undone can be part of this list.
  • Don’t do things last minute. Do them in the exact moment they come to your mind.
  • Write a daily to-do list, but make sure you can complete it.
  • Delegate whenever possible, but always delegate to trustful people.
  • When you have to do something you’d prefer not to, like going to the bank, compile a form or reorganizing your walk-in-closet, just do it. Wasting time to complain is worse than pass it doing the most boring things on your to-do list.

What about you? Are you a procrastinator or a doer?
We want to hear your thoughts!

Handwriting Sara Ottavia Carolei

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