Lavender is an aromatic herb full of interesting properties.
Its delicate purple color and its intense, but always pleasant, making it an incredibly beautiful and useful plant.

Here are 7 ways to use lavender we suggest you today.

  1. Essential oils. As we already told you in our article about essential oils, lavender has extraordinary properties. It is a powerful decongestant and a precious ally for skincare and haircare.
  2. Scented floral water. Vaporize lavender floral water on your sheets before going to bed: this will get you a good night’s sleep and will help you prevent insomnia.
  3. Perfume diffusor. Use it with essential oils to refresh the air and relax yourself.
  4. Flowers bouquets. Create some little fabric bags with dehydrated lavender’s flowers inside, put them in your closet’s drawers and use them to perfume your linens.
  5. Infusions. Ask your herbalist to prepare you a lavender, chamomile and linden mix. Prepare your infusion at home and drink it whenever you feel the need to relax.
  6. In the kitchen. Lavender is used in the preparation of aromatized butters, risottos and jams.
  7. Decor. Don’t forget that lavender is not only a plant with powerful properties, it is also one of the nicest decorative plants you can plant in your garden or in a vase if you have a balcony! For useful tips on how to grow lavender at home, read this interesting article.

Illustration, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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