Playful Beauty is the 5th fashion editorial entirely produced by Style Behind and we thought it needed to be totally different from the others.

We have changed our minds about what to shoot so many times for this first “anniversary” that, at the beginning, it almost seemed impossible to find the ideal subject.
But then we realized that maybe it was time for us to expose us a little bit more, to tell you the story behind Style Behind and to show you who we are.

That’s how Playful Beauty was born!

For me (Sara Ottavia Carolei, founder and editor-in-chief of Style Behind) it was the first real time as a “model” and it was beyond great!
I’m not used to it, not at all. It was a challenge, a new way to look at myself, a different approach to my work here at Style Behind.

For Margherita Ferrari (assistant and contributor at Style Behind) it wasn’t the first time. She has already modeled for Embracing Fall, our first fashion editorial ever. Remember? But it surely was a challenge for her too, because this is the first time she appears for what she really is on Style Behind: a precious collaborator and supporter, other than a beautiful girl and a wonderful sister.

For Federico Vega (hairstylist, make-up artist and consultant at Style Behind) it was another occasion to show his incredible talent and his visionary sight on beauty.

And finally, a special thanks goes out to Stealthy Design’s Federico Cavazza who brought his genius and his designer’s vision to Style Behind for this shooting.

Playful Beauty is a story in images that tells you what we do everyday at Style Behind. We think, we confront each other, we laugh, we cry, we scream, we relax, we create, we do researches, we invent things.

But above all, we play with our imagination.
Because without fun, Style Behind wouldn’t exist.

Photo, Federico Cavazza – Stealthy Design
Creative direction, Sara Ottavia Carolei
Creative direction assistant, Margherita Ferrari
Make-up and hairstyling Federico Vega
Models Sara Ottavia Carolei and Margherita Ferrari

(Click on the images to open the gallery)

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