It’s finally Saturday night, but you don’t feel like going to the clubs, to a party or to the movies.
That’s ok, same here.

Don’t be afraid of doing what you REALLY want to do. As we already told you here, we strongly believe in the power of saying no.

  1. Cinema: Create your own cineforum at home.
    Invite some friends, select a movie, offer them pop-corns, turn off the lights (and the phones) and
    watch the movie.
    After the vision you and your friends could discuss about the movie in a real cineforum style.
    It will be funny and interesting to have a deeper confront about the movie you have just watch.
  2. Travel: Do a historical tour of your own city at night. I did that once, when I used to live in Paris,
    and it was beyond amazing (and a bit creepy too).
  3. Relax: Spend your Saturday night alone, relaxing and meditating.
  4. Dinner: Organize a themed dinner party with your friends.
    It could be a Brazilian themed, a Great Gatsby inspired one or a pink dinner. Free your fantasy!
  5. Study: Do you feel like learning something more about American history? You’ve always wanted to learn some words in Indian?
    Why not spending your Saturday night doing it?

What do you think? Do you have other alternative plans to suggest for spending a great Saturday night?

Cover image, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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