Social networks are not so easy to manage as it may seem, above all when they are not personal, but “corporate” social networks.

We are currently working on the launch of Style Behind’s own Instagram account and that made us think about the importance of a good Instagram etiquette. Because you know, when it comes to etiquette we always have something to say.

  • Don’t post annoying, excessively self-promoting posts.
  • Post no more than a selfie per week. Even if you are a Victoria’s Secret Angel.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else. It’s annoying and being annoying is not allowed (see point n.1).
  • Always say “thank you” when someone leaves a nice comment under a photo you have posted. Politeness is fundamental, also on social medias.
  • Block all the fake, spam profiles that follows you. Numbers are not what really counts. Quality is.
  • Don’t leave bad, nasty or stalker-like comments. Never.
  • Never use swear words.
  • Don’t tag people randomly.
  • Stay classy, enjoy the benefits of a nice social network like Instagram, but do not become an addicted. Real life is outside your iPhone.

What do you think?

Cover image, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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