New month, new projects, new Style Behind.
If February was dedicated to beauty in all its forms, March will be all about motivation and positive vibes.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of the word “motivation“.
Where does the motivation come from? It comes from ourselves, first and foremost, but also from the energy of those around us.
Because surrounding yourself with positive people makes you feel more confident, inspired and motivated to do your best.

This month we will get out from our comfort zone to find something more motivating.

As in the fashion editorial that you will find online on Friday the 25th, Pastel Vibes, who will represent the beginning of a series of more complete, more mature (but still playful) shootings. But also in our new columns and renewed contents.

We hope you’ll keep on following our adventures with the same passion and participation.

Let this March be beautiful and motivational.

With love and good vibes,


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