Paris Fashion Week has just ended and so has the entire Fashion Month FW 16-17.
Street style images are everywhere. Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are currently invaded by photos of editors, bloggers and it-girls who try to leave their stylistic imprint on the roads that they run to get to the shows.

But what is the true meaning of street style, for fashion?

Fashion designers have always been inspired by what they see on the streets. Yet, in recent years, it seems that the spotlight is more on what happens out than on what happens on the catwalks.

So far nothing new. Personally I always find an endless source of inspiration looking around myself before a show and seeing how my colleagues from all over the world dress for an important event like a fashion show.

I think that the personal style of someone who works in the fashion industry is essential for representing his/her work. It could be minimalist, chameleon, girly or retro. From Anna Wintour to Miroslava Duma, from Grace Coddington to Taylor Tomasi Hill, from Eva Chen to Giovanna Battaglia, the looks of the people who work in fashion are almost as important as those presented by designers.

That said, I often feel a bit embarrassed in seeing how some (more or less important) people attempt the impossible to steal the attention of street style photographers.

Bringing your own style to a fashion show means to pay tribute to the designer who is presenting his/her creations.
Bringing your own ego and forgetting the real reason you are there, it’s just pure megalomania.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Illustration, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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