Darris is one of those Parisian bag brands you can’t help falling in love with.
Born in 2014 from a mother-daughter duo, Darris is a unique example of modern days luxury family business.

How Darris was born?

Darris was born from a passion for fashion. Pauline has always drawn accessories since her early childhood.
In 2012Pauline graduated at the Fashion school ESMOD PARIS and won the DELAGE PARIS house competition in the shoes sector.
Then, she has been working for two years with Alain Miran for the Harley Davidson leather jackets.
In 2014, the mother and daughter project took shape with the family name of Darris.

– What is the concept behind your brand?

Darris is above all a family project about taste and beauty.
We want to offer exceptional products with impeccable finishing, timeless colors and designs. Our materials are all made in France.
Pauline draws herself the linings.

What does inspire you the most?

What inspires us the most is traveling and discovering new cultures and architectures. We are also obsessed by decoration.

In a world of fast fashion what does it mean for you to run a family business

Fashion nowadays is often impersonal. We can merely notice it looking at leading brands’s offering, because they all look the same.
That is why working together mother and daughter seems essential to us in order to offer our clients a product made with love that remains unique.
We work with a small family-owned factory in Portugal, run by two sisters.
This is completely in line with our family spirit.

Who’s Darris top fashion icon?

Our favorite icon is the beautiful Leandra Medine from Man Repeller.
She embodies the Darris womanelegant, natural, who knows what she wants.
We also have support from the beautiful French actress Emmanuelle Beart who owns one of our iconic bag and loves it.

If Darris was a novel what would it be? 

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

What’s your mantra?

Wap Blop Wizz!


Ph courtesy, Darris Paris
Title handwriting and illustrations, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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