Dear Style Behind readers, you can’t imagine how excited I am to share this news with you: my little lifestyle brand, Bibiduni, is finally here!

Bibiduni was a word I invented with a friend of mine when we were only 2 years old. It means happy, lively, crazy and enthusiast.

I was looking for the perfect name when my mum reminded me about this adorable word I used to say when I was a little girl.

I imagined Bibiduni as a brand outside the lines, that will only sell unique and limited edition products made with love.

I’ve started thinking about creating my own brand when I was living and working in Paris, three years ago.
I perfectly remember the day I had the intuition that lead me to the creation of Bibiduni. I was at Le Bon Marché looking for a patterned shirt when I found myself wondering in the kids area, dreaming of wearing something that could remind me of my beautiful childhood.
That’s exactly what Bibiduni is about: keeping your inner child alive!

From pendants to prints, from t-shirts to blankets, from placemats to clay bowls, Bibiduni is an unusual heterogeneous brand where everything is really handmade with love.

The e-commerce will be online soon, but if you want to find out what I sell on Bibiduni, here’s the link to my Etsy shop.

Let the adventure begin!

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