Is there a more rewarding feeling than novelty? Waking up in the morning and feeling happy of getting down to work is a wonderful sensation.

Lately I took a little break, I tried to make a complete overview of my life and to look for the things, habits, visions to correct.
So I rolled up my sleeves and I’ve started working on new projects, I’ve rearranged my house, I’ve changed a few little things in my routine, and I’ve started again from what I really liked to do.

It is so that, finally, after at least three years of thinking and researching, I created my own little lifestyle brand Bibiduni and that’s how I renewed Style Behind.

When you feel stuck in your life, my suggestion is to take a break from everything (and when I say everything, I mean really everything) and give a comprehensive look at your life.
Identify what is wrong and have the courage to change it.

I assure you that once started, you’ll never get back.

Cheers to this new life!


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