After headbands and barrettes, it’s now time to focus on another thorny beauty topic: lipgloss.

From the first time a lipgloss appeared on the market (it was 1932 and the pioneer was the Polish Jewish genius of makeup Maximilian Faktorowicz – read Max Factor) many things have been said about this beauty product.

There are a lot of different types of lip glosses available out there, but the one we prefer is the most classic yet probably the less popular: the transparent basic lipgloss.

Here are our 7 reasons to stop being afraid of lipgloss:

  1. It’s sober and flirty at the same time
  2. You can wear it with any kind of look
  3. You can wear it from the morning to the night
  4. If you choose the right product, it won’t stick your lips (we strongly suggest you this one from Aveda)
  5. It can add an extra shine to your favorite lipstick
  6. It goes well with every color
  7. It is timeless

Did we convince you?

Cover image, Sara Ottavia Carolei

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